The Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance is a multi-stakeholder and interdisciplinary initiative. Membership spans the entire spectrum of the U.S. pharmaceutical distribution system, including manufacturers, wholesale distributors, third-party logistics providers, and pharmacies. More than 25 companies are formal members of PDSA, while many other external stakeholders provide additional policy and technical support.


The Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance’s mission is to develop and help enact a federal policy proposal that enhances the security and integrity of the domestic pharmaceutical distribution system for patients, and to articulate a technical migratory pathway to implement such a policy. Our primary goal is ensuring patients have uninterrupted access to safe, authentic, FDA-approved medicine.


Members of the PDSA include leading biologic and pharmaceutical manufacturers, primary and secondary wholesalers and distributors, pharmacies, and third-party logistics providers as well as leading trade associations representing the interests of these stakeholders.

PDSA Featured in ‘Politico’ Opinion Piece

John Castellani – President and CEO of the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, John Gray – President and CEO of the Healthcare Distribution Management Association, and Ralph Neas – President and CEO of the Generic Pharmaceutical Association – joined together in offering this opinion piece for Politico on April 2, 2013.

An excerpt from the article:

Anyone doubting the need for urgent action should imagine being the patient or the loved one of a patient battling an aggressive form of cancer only to learn that the drug being used as part of the treatment may be fake, ineffective and potentially life-threatening. While incidents like these thankfully occur infrequently, that they continue to happen and put patients at risk underscores the need for Congress to enact a comprehensive, uniform and national supply chain solution.

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PDSA Updates


PDSA responds to FDA Request for Inforamtion

In response to the Request for Information (RFI) issued by the FDA on Standards for the Interoperable Exchange of Information...
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PDSA in the News


Roll Call Commentary: Nationwide Track and Trace System Urgently Needed

Recent incidents of counterfeit products infiltrating the drug distribution system represent a growing public health threat, which is putting patients...
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The Pharmaceutical Distribution Security Alliance (PDSA) is a coalition of more than 25 stakeholders from throughout the pharmaceutical distribution supply chain committed to safeguarding patients by ensuring the chain remains as secure as possible.